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Sports medicine


If you want to take sports manipulative treatment, go to the smiley garbage acupuncturist






Sports maneuvering was originally intended for athletes

It has been established for the purpose of “recovering from fatigue, improving performance, treating disorders, and preventing disorders”.




When you think about the difference between massage and sports massage, the amount of muscle is different between ordinary people and sports people.



So you can see that the intensity of massage stimulation naturally changes.



Sports manipulative: Suitable for people who play sports with a lot of muscle mass.



Normal massage … Suitable for people with low muscle mass.



The idea is broadly divided.



The major difference between sports massage and massage is that it restores strength and elasticity to muscles that have been exhausted by exercise, etc., and improves parts of the body that have been overused.





Sports manipulative



Massage has the effect of improving blood circulation to the skin and muscles, as well as improving blood circulation not only in the massaged area but also throughout the body.



Improving skin and muscle blood circulation improves the metabolism of each tissue and removes muscle fatigue products.



In addition, a sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients helps to restore muscle fatigue and maintain and improve motor function.



Depending on the application of the technique, massage has various effects, such as increasing muscle excitability and suppressing excitement to relieve pain and tension.



Increases excitability and produces effects that enhance nerve and muscle function.



When muscle excitability is increasing, such as muscle tension and induration due to acute muscle fatigue, chronic spontaneous nerve pain and tenderness, slow tempo rubbing, slightly stronger kneading, tender point A continuous compression method to calm down excitability.




Other effects include reflex, inducing, and correcting.



Reflex action is an action that can relieve pain and tension in nerves and muscles and improve the condition of internal organs by performing treatment away from the affected area.




For inducing action, in case of trauma such as sprain or bruise, icing of the site is first required.


Sprains, dislocations, and flesh-offs can show signs of inflammation, such as swelling, warmth, and pain.




After a few days, when these symptoms subside, stiffness of the soft tissues surrounding the joints such as joint capsules, bands, and tendons often remains as sequelae.



On the other hand, rubbing and strong kneading around the joints are performed to prevent the exudate from depositing.
It also stretches the surrounding muscles to prevent joint contracture.



Massage not only improves blood circulation by applying appropriate rubbing and pressure stimulation from the surface of the body, but also regulates autonomic nervous system and endocrine function, and affects gastrointestinal function and sleep control. Bring.



Every player wants to achieve good results and victory.



To do so, it is necessary to control the athlete’s physical condition and adjust the optimal nerve and muscle functions.




Sports massage is an important body care to help it.




At the Smiley Garbage Acupuncture and Moxibustion Osteopath in Mekaru, Naha City, based on physical evaluations such as interviews and examinations, we perform treatments according to each patient’s physical structure, lifestyle, and symptoms.





Sports conditioning for chronic sports disorders

Sports massage effectively improves blood circulation by promoting sports circulation, leading to the best performance.




Symptoms such as pain from sports injuries such as sprains that have not been completely cured in the past require treatment of not only the damaged tissue but also the surrounding soft tissues.




Athlete’s care needs in your daily life
The Smile Nagomi Acupuncture and Moxibustion Osteopath in Mekaru, Naha City provides treatments for sportsmen and athletes.



In addition to sports massage, it is okay to combine such as manipulative treatment, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment, cupping and orthodontic treatment.



In order to maintain the performance, we recommend a treatment at Smile Garbage Acupuncture and Osteopath.



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